What is SmartPM?

SmartPM is a groundbreaking data management tool for the construction industry that captures, stores and utilizes construction project data in order to automate several critical functions for Construction Project Managers, such as:

  • Delay and Impact Analysis
  • Performance Analysis on all levels
  • As-Built Schedule Generation
  • CPM Schedule Updating

As critical project information is entered into the system in real time, users will receive up to date data on the progress and performance of construction projects at the click of a button. This allows users to know where the project stands at all times and see any critical delays to date. Project Managers will immediately be able to assess resultant cost overruns based on the data that SmartPM software provides.

How Does SmartPM Work?


Our technology system is designed to capture, store and organize daily project data, while tying it directly to the activities (or cost codes) that the data represents. We call this process “Building the As-Built History of the Project.”

While this construction data is organized and easily accessible at all times, it is also cut, sliced, and analyzed in a manner that notifies users when, why and how the project schedule has been impacted. In addition, once a project is finished, the delay analysis is already complete and ready for discussion.

Overcome Challenges with SmartPM Software

One of the largest challenges in the commercial construction industry is capturing relevant project data and making sense of it.

As a result of these challenges, construction Project Managers are often blindsided when it is determined that a project has been significantly impacted, which typically occurs after a significant amount of money is already lost. Circling back to prove causation just becomes another headache.

With SmartPM software, users are notified immediately when impacts occur. By capturing data in real time and organizing it in a manner that highlights inefficiencies, Project Managers can easily see the cause of all impacts so that they can correct mistakes before they become problems, and save a lot of money along the way.

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