Monthly Training Sessions

As a construction project manager, professional development is incredibly important in order to stay ahead of the rest of the competition. The professionals at Construx have been in the trenches assisting construction clients in many different capacities for many years. As a result, we have developed a unique set of skills and processes designed to help our client’s bottom lines.

We are now teaching these processes in our free webinars, because we believe that the industry can benefit from our experience! These training sessions cover different topics relevant to construction project managers, and will be offered every month. See below for the list of topics, descriptions, and details on how to register.

CPM Scheduling for Construction Project Managers

We will cover CPM Scheduling for Construction Project Managers. To learn more about effective CPM scheduling practices and other construction planning techniques, register for the webinar here.

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Analyzing Data, Performance and Impacts in Construction

Join us to learn more about Documenting and Analyzing Progress and Performance in Construction. This webinar will help you track and analyze data on your projects, ultimately improving your overall performance as a project manager by better understanding impacts as they arise. Register for the webinar here.

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Construction Delay & Impact Analysis Made Simple

Please join us to learn more about managing delays on your construction projects. This webinar will help project managers develop their own delay and impact analyses, and do it in a manner that is simple and effective. Register for the Construction Delay Analysis Made Simple training session here.

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Quantifying Damages due to Delays, Inefficiencies and Disruption

Develop your skills in Quantifying Damages and Building a Construction Claim. The goal with this webinar is to teach managers how to calculate resultant cost overruns based on delays, impacts, inefficiencies and disruption in a manner that will get you paid. Register for the training session here.

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Risk Analysis in Construction

Please join us to learn more about managing Cost and Schedule uncertainty in Construction. This course is geared to teach project teams how to use information and systems to identify and manage risk issues that will likely affect construction project schedules and costs.  Register for the training session here.

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Improve Your Construction Project Management Skill Set with Expert Training

Construx Solutions is a leader in construction consulting, and is focused on helping construction project managers take control of their projects to produce the best and most efficient results.

To hone your skills as a construction project manager, sign up for our weekly webinars, which are led by industry experts. For more details on our training webinars, contact us at or call (404) 329-3000.