Reduced Cost Overruns

SmartPM transfers data in current and real-time allowing users to know the forecasted construction budget and schedule every second of everyday

If a construction project is at risk of deviating from a projected plan, the areas negatively affecting the project are highlighted. SmartPM will alert the project manager to act quickly in order to minimize impacts that could potentially be detrimental to the overall construction project


Simplified Reporting

SmartPM users can upload project documents and daily pictures to their timeline to ensure all reports are documented together

SmartPM allows multiple users to view and understand intended and actual performance data on micro and macro levels, at all times

Real-time Performance

SmartPM real-time performance metrics allow users to track and view data instantaneously based on activity level, project level, phase, location, trade, or any combination above

SmartPM can track an individual worker’s performance and examine the interactions between a worker and service provider


Readily Accessible Information

When data is entered into SmartPM software it becomes immediately available to all users through a very secure and user friendly process

SmartPM organizes all project information into one centralized location minimizing the risk of losing important documents

Predictive Analytics

The state-of-art technology imbedded in SmartPM software utilizes historical progress and performance data onto future work activities, enabling users to better predict manpower and time requirements on incomplete tasks

SmartPM’s predictive analytics enables users to foresee future problems before they occur


Team Collaboration

SmartPM allows for people on site and off site to communicate in real-time any issues that will inevitably arise or have arised

SmartPM scheduling is reactive. This allows workers to work together quickly in order to resolve whatever issue there may be


Adaptive Scheduling

SmartPM shows when and what needs to be done in order for projects to move forward in a timely manner SmartPM notifies users of delay in schedule by highlighting areas of impact in red and updating the schedule timeline accordingly

SmartPM allows stakeholders to know who is working on a scheduled project, when they are working on a project, and how many people are supposed to be working on that project.