SmartPM is an Automated Delay, Impact and Performance Analysis Software that is useful both during and after projects

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SmartPM Software is most useful for:

  • Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REA)
  • Extension of Time Requests (EOT)
  • Identifying Historical Critical Path Delay issues
  • Real time Performance Diagnostics
  • Dispute Resolution/Avoidance
  • Getting paid for variances out of your control

SmartPM Increases Project ROI’s on all Sides of the Contract:

SmartPM: Schedule, Data, and Cost Management Made Simple for the Construction Industry

SmartPM™ by Construx is an innovative construction project management software solution that is changing the face of job sites everywhere. With daily updates, real time performance metrics, and cloud capabilities, SmartPM™ provides every member of the team with up-to-date information on where they stand, every single day.

As each team member enters daily reports and updates into the SmartPM™ interface, that information is automatically converted into usable metrics that can be viewed at the activity level, the grouped level, and the project level—giving you the ability to assess and improve performance from any perspective.

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SmartPM Users Are Saying:

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"Our team consistently struggled to keep our projects on time—and within budget! Once we started using SmartPM™, we wondered how we ever worked without it. The dashboard is so easy to use, and it helps us all stay on track."

Columbus, GA

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"We’ve tried a million and one project management software systems—and nothing compares to SmartPM™. It’s simple, it’s easy to use, and most importantly, it lets us track financial and scheduling data in the same place. I can’t imagine trying to manage a construction project without it."

Atlanta, GA

SmartPM: Delay, Impact and Productivity Analysis Made Simple