SmartPM Project Management Software FAQs

Unlike other project management software platforms, SmartPM is built specifically for the construction industry. This innovative system not only captures, stores, and organizes daily project data, but also uses this data to automate many key functions in construction, including: scheduling, cost management, payment applications, delay and impact analysis, and performance analysis – just to name a few.

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the SmartPM project management platform.

How Does SmartPM Work?

SmartPM allows the key members of your construction project management team to capture, store, and organize all data related to the project itself. Using a robust daily reporting engine, SmartPM is able to receive and store all data in a master database. This database documents project history and is able to integrate with other systems to automate tasks.

Some of the systems that are automated though SmartPM software include scheduling, accounting, HR and performance management systems. In addition, the SmartPM system itself is a very useful tool in documenting and understanding delays, inefficiencies, and impacts to your construction projects.

Can I Access SmartPM On My Mobile Device?

Yes! SmartPM was built by construction project managers for construction project managers, so we understand that your data management tool has to be accessible no matter where you are.

How Many People On My Project Can Access The SmartPM Data Management Tool?

It’s up to you—we offer a range of packages, which allow anywhere from 1 to 20 users to access your project via SmartPM. If you require licenses for more than 20 users, call (404) 329-3000 for pricing details.

I Need To Provide a New Client With a Budget and Timeline Estimate For an Upcoming Project. Can SmartPM Help Me Do That?

SmartPM construction project management uses historical performance data to provide accurate predictive analytics; you can use the data from a previous similar project to estimate how long the new project will take, what kind of resources you’ll need, and what your budget constraints might be.

Improve Your Construction Projects with SmartPM

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