Delay Analysis

Whatever your project delay situation, we will determine what you are entitled to receive and implement a strategy to help you put your best foot forward in a dispute.

Construx Solutions Simplifies the Complexities of Delay Analysis

The amount of work necessary to assemble an effective and accurate Delay Analysis will shock most people. But the accuracy of these analyses is imperative – a large amount of money is usually on the line. Any construction project will have considerable information and details that all need to be considered.
At Construx Solutions, we take Delay Analysis very seriously. Our detail-oriented approach produces an analysis that is factually accurate, simple to understand and effective. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly find the best, most cost-effective answer. We work on behalf of owners, construction managers and subcontractors to determine how each is affected by project delays and what they are entitled to receive as a result.
Our process works because we strive to work as efficiently as possible to ensure that a delay dispute can be settled fast. Unlike most consultants, we seek to resolve delay disputes rather than prolong them.
Our process typically involves:

Construx Solutions Represents Your Best Interests

Construx Solutions is completely confident in the accuracy of our professionals’ work produc. Allthough we hope your delay dispute does not end up in court, in that event we will serve as your testifying expert witness to support the case.
Should the dispute go to mediation or trial, Construx Solutions will defend your interests by offering our tested expertise in such essential services as:

Our team is qualified and prepared to accurately identify liability and quantify damages related to delay. We present the facts of the case in mediation or trial in a timely and cost-effective fashion, in a manner that helps resolve the case.

Construx Solutions Understands the Issues Behind Construction Delays

Construction Schedule Delays have numerous causes. What they all have in common is that no one can see them coming; they are unexpected, unwelcome and can throw a project into complete chaos if not properly addressed.
Some common causes of construction schedule delays include:

Such events or circumstances may work to extend the cycle of the project beyond its originally projected completion or prevent scheduled work from being performed. It is here that the expertise of Construx Solutions comes into play.

Do Not Delay — Call Construx Today

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