Dispute Resolution

The construction industry, as it stands right now, is poised for disputes. On one end, the owner who is funding the construction of a structure and anticipates that the project will be completed as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. On the other end, construction managers and contractors typically take on huge financial risks to win the work through a competitive bidding process, often resulting in a bid that tests the boundaries of feasibility. As a result of these two realities, the business relationship is tested from the start.

Other challenges, such as engineering obstacles, the sheer number of entities (and people) involved, communication issues, design errors and changes that may occur – complicate the relationship even further. Not to mention, resolution of a construction dispute is not an easy process in this day in age.

Unfortunately, any combination of the aforementioned issues makes it very difficult to satisfy all parties involved financially.

Construx Solutions is up for the Challenge

Dispute resolution is one of our core strengths at Construx Solutions. Not only do we have a considerable amount of experience in this realm, we pride ourselves in our ability to wade through the information that is available and accurately drill down to the major issues and present the facts behind the issues.

Our talented professionals have a keen ability to analyze large sets of data and volumes of contemporaneous documentation and tie it all together into a story that is simple to understand, factually correct and is supportable.

Our Dispute Resolution Service Offerings Include:

Why Choose Construx Solutions?

The team at Construx Solutions has a proven ability to do this caliber of work. We have worked on cases worldwide for clients on both sides of the contract and in most every industry – and our professionals have proven track records. Time and time again, we have seen consultants take an all-hands-on approach to perform several unnecessary analyses and lose sight of the major issues. This results in an inaccurate report and, consequently, a blown budget. This is not what we do. On all dispute cases, Construx Solutions takes a phased approach to ensure you are getting the value from us you deserve.

Our first phase is usually a preliminary assessment in which we dig around a to get a lay-of-the-land and to assess if there is any glaring data that can resolve your dispute right off the bat. If not, we move onto a second phase, which is further digging on the issues and some high-level analysis – with the intent to resolve your dispute right there. We think you get the point. Bottom line, we understand this can be a costly process and we make sure you truly believe the engagement with Construx Solutions money is well-spent.

Secondly, Construx Solutions is not looking to paint a picture that is not true, or be your “hired gun” – as many consultants do. We work to help our clients determine what they are truly entitled to. Our goal is to give an unbiased, complete and accurate assessment. We start with the contract, then review the history of the project, develop an understanding of the issues that impacted the project, and then work with the team to resolve the dispute using the facts.

Finally, an added benefit to partnering with Construx Solutions is that we will take the time to educate our clients on the dispute resolution process every step of the way – with the hope that you may not need us in the future!