Specialty Trade Contractors

From electricians to plumbers, structural to heavy civil, and enclosure to interior subs, specialty trade contractors are the most important piece of a construction project’s many-piece puzzle. When deadlines are missed or a project goes over budget, it is often difficult to pinpoint why it happened, and trade contractors often bear the responsibility for the extra costs, even when it wasn’t their fault!

Fortunately, SmartPM technology, construction project and data management software, was designed to address these exact problems.

How SmartPM Tracks Useful Data for Specialty Trade Contractors

Created to track the impacts to costs and schedules of construction projects, SmartPM takes project data and puts it into easy-to-understand graphics and metrics, while organizing all data for future access. As project data comes in from the construction site, the SmartPM technology analyzes this data, while simultaneously using this data to automate several key management functions for trade contractors.

This automation allows trade contractors to focus on their core competency: Construction. No time to keep up with all the information and management functions in construction? No problem. SmartPM has you covered.

Capture Project Data Efficiently with SmartPM

Enabled with cloud technology, SmartPM works across multiple devices including laptops, tablets and mobile devices, so information can easily be shared and tracked between contractors on site and project owners at the office.

SmartPM allows specialty trade contractors to show their progress and impacts to the supervising project manager. Every step of the project is tied to the schedule and budget, so it’s easy to see when tasks were completed and how much it cost to complete them.

Automation of Management Functions

The same data that is used to pinpoint, record and highlight impacts to cost and schedule will also automate many key functions for trade contractors, including daily schedule updates, cost analysis, delay and impact analysis, photo documentation, payment application prep and review, performance analysis, and more.

Choose SmartPM, Project Management Construction Software

Stay within budget and on time with SmartPM from Construx Solutions, the first and only secure online scheduling and performance management program specifically designed for the construction industry. SmartPM technology is effective, reducing commercial construction project costs by 8.8% and project durations by 9.6%.

Contact Construx Solutions today to request a free trial. For more information about how SmartPM software can help your construction project, visit our website or call 404-329-3000.