Public Agencies and Developers

During the commercial construction project process, Public Agencies and Developers have little access to day-to-day progress data on the construction site. This lack of information from other contractors and employees can lead to surprising added costs and unexpected project delays.

To avoid losing money to unanticipated project delays and budget overages, Public Agencies, Developers and Project Owners can turn to Construx Solutions’ innovative project management construction software, SmartPM.

Improve Data Accuracy with Real-Time Information

As the first of its kind, SmartPM is a scheduling and performance management software that uses cloud technology to connect contractors on site with project owners at the home or office. Contractors report daily tasks and overall progress by logging in to SmartPM on their laptop, tablet or mobile device, allowing up-to-date information to be displayed simultaneously for viewers at the office.

SmartPM technology takes the real-time performance and progress data and converts it into easy-to-understand graphics and measurements. Choose between a man-hour or cost-based view and easily see how much of the budget has been used throughout the project at any point in time.

How SmartPM Can Help Reduce Commercial Construction Costs

Unlike many project management tools, SmartPM software links scheduling to costs. With the scheduling component, the budget can be easily linked to the project timeline so that developers can see when money is being spent and how to make the construction process more efficient.

SmartPM’s simple project dashboard highlights the areas of concern throughout the project before issues arise, eliminating the stress of trying to finish projects before money is lost. This innovative software helps reduce commercial construction costs by 8.8% and shorten project timelines by 9.6%.

Choose SmartPM to Increase ROI’s for your Commercial Construction Company

To see SmartPM in action, request a free demo online or contact Construx Solutions at 404-329-3000 for more information about how this innovative construction project management software can help your construction company increase ROI’s.