General Contractors

General contractors have the difficult task of both managing and performing construction activities, all while ensuring that the project is being performed to standards, on time and within budget. In order to make sure that the project sticks to a timeline without compromising the budget or the quality of work, the capture, storage and analysis of progress and performance data is instrumental.

That’s where SmartPM comes in. Designed to capture real-time progress data through any type of device, the SmartPM software system allows every contractor and their office staff to gauge performance and impacts right on their laptop, tablet or mobile device as they happen. In addition, the SmartPM system uses the same data to automate many crucial management functions, including: daily schedule updates, delay and impact analysis, cost analysis, payment application prep/review, photo documentation, and performance analysis—to name a few!

This data analysis software takes real time performance and progress data and turns it into easy-to-read metrics to help everyone stay on track and under budget.

SmartPM Encourages Collaboration

One of the most difficult jobs for the general contractor is getting everyone on the same page. With real-time alerts, simplified data graphics, and highlighted areas when there is jeopardy of missing a deadline or going over budget, SmartPM helps stimulate collaboration between contractors, which results in increase project ROI’s.

Using cloud technology, SmartPM shows progress as it happens across every team member’s device, whether they’re on site or back at the office, so communication is simple and more efficient.

Keep Construction Projects on Time and Under Budget

With all of the moving parts of a construction project, it’s difficult to keep tasks on time and the project from going over the budget. One of SmartPM’s innovative features is the scheduling component.

This component shows real time progress data, keeping everyone up to date with the next phase of the project. Connecting to the budget, this scheduling feature lets general contractors see how much of the budget has been spent according to the calendar, while highlighting budget overruns as they occur! This feature also allows general contractors to see when and where money is being spent and how it can be used more productively in the future.

Translation? Better project progress data equals better decisions and increased ROI.

SmartPM Construction Project Management Software for General Contractors

Don’t take the heat for budget overages and missed deadlines. Instead, use the innovative SmartPM project management and data analysis software from Construx Solutions. Specifically designed with the construction industry in mind, project collaboration becomes easier than ever, all while staying on track for budget and time.

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