Construction Managers

Construction Managers are given the difficult task of keeping a construction project on task, on time and on budget. Complying with safety codes and regulations, preparing contracts, determining labor requirements, setting and maintaining timetables and budgets for projects, and supervising workers are just a few of the duties construction managers face on a daily basis.

With all of these moving parts, construction project managers often shoulder the responsibility for any costs above budget or delays past deadline. Fortunately, Construx Solutions offers a solution for the complicated construction process with SmartPM software, technology for the construction industry.

How SmartPM Helps Construction Project Managers

SmartPM is a data management tool specifically designed with the issues and needs of the construction industry in mind. Taking real time data from construction projects, SmartPM analyzes the data while also using it to automate many of the project managers most critical and time consuming functions,

Staying on Budget.

With SmartPM project management construction software, staying on budget has never been easier. With real time budget tracking, you can follow the number of man hours used or track the project by cost. Easy-to-read charts and graphics makes project progress simple to follow. Commercial construction project costs decrease by an average of 8.8%.

Keeping to Deadlines.

One of SmartPM software’s many functions is the innovative scheduling and tracking feature that helps decrease project timelines by 9.6%. You can easily tie deadlines to budget, so you can track numbers daily as the project moves forward. Every time a project is in risk of delay or missed deadline, the specific project areas causing the impact are highlighted in SmartPM in real time, so there’s never any guesswork. When using the SmartPM system, your delay and impact analyses are already done, so insights to causation are just a click away.

Supervising Workers.

Collaboration and supervision is made simple with SmartPM construction project management software. This software allows every worker to report progress, so you can easily track daily tasks and activities in real time.

Because of cloud technology, SmartPM data can be accessed securely through a laptop, tablet or mobile device from anywhere, and your workers can get instant notices from the office about weather delays or other time-sensitive information.

Choose SmartPM as Your Construction Project Management Software

To stay on track of project budgets and timelines, SmartPM software takes real time project data and translates it into simple metrics that can be shared with everyone on the project team. Make your job simpler and see a higher return on investment with SmartPM’s scheduling, data analysis, and financial tracking technology.

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