Clients of the SmartPM Software Solution

Construction Managers


It is the Construction Managers job to ensure the construction projects are progressing forward, on time and on budget – and this is no simple task. Given the complexities of commercial construction, the amount of moving parts, and the number of parties managed by the CM, keeping the project on course can be difficult – and the CM is often on the hook for costs associated with budget overruns and delays. The key to success in Construction Management is through proper data analytics, particularly as it relates to the schedule, progress and performance.

The SmartPM software solution automates the data management process, while highlighting project areas that are in risk of budget overruns and delay, resulting in better “real time” decisions and higher profit margins.

General Contractors


General Contractors have 2 distinct responsibilities – managing subcontractors and performing work. The combination of these 2 responsibilities result in compounded risk as it relates to cost, when projects are impacted for one reason or another. And let’s face it, all projects are impacted. In order to successfully maneuver through this risk, it is imperative the GC capture, store and analyze key progress and performance data, as it relates to the plan, a difficult task indeed. Until Now.

The SmartPM software solution is designed to transmit real time schedule, progress and performance data, viewable on site and in the office simultaneously. This data is automatically converted into project specific performance metrics designed to highlight areas at risk of budget overruns and delay, resulting in lower risk, better decisions and increased project ROI’s.

Specialty Trade Contractors


Time and time again, Trade Contractors are impacted for reasons out their control and are left with the burden of proving these impacts and the costs associated with them, after the fact. Proving impacts is tedious and often results in the trade contractor absorbing a considerable portion of this cost. Until Now.

The SmartPM software solution is specifically designed to enable subcontractors to capture project relevant data in a manner that will highlight areas that are impacted and costs associated with it, while it occurs. In addition, our software solution enables users to prove, with certainty, why it happened and who is responsible for these impacts through a patent pending data management system.

Gone are the days where Trade Contractors are left with the responsibility of financing major construction projects, while walking away with minimal profit margins.

Public Agencies and Developers


Of all the stakeholders involved in Commercial Construction Projects, Public Agencies and Project Owners typically have the least transparency of information as it relates to progress, performance, schedule and budget. This is very unfortunate, especially since Project Owners are the ones writing the checks.

Due to the lack of data transparency, Owners and Public Agencies are often blind sided with additional costs and unanticipated delays mid project – at a point when all leverage is lost. As a result, Project Owners are left with a decision to argue the cost, or complete the project on time. Either way, they lose money.

SmartPM is a first-of-its-kind performance management software designed to add visibility and information transparency to commercial construction project, particularly as it relates to progress, performance, budget and timeline. By utilizing the SmartPM software Technology, control of budget and schedule remains in the hands of the people writing the checks.