Construx Solutions

Construx Solutions is a firm that is dedicated to solving some of the most complex and costly problems in today’s Construction Industry. We accomplish this through our years of experience in helping clients in successfully maneuvering through impacts, delays, oversights and overruns – both during and after construction. We separate ourselves from the other “consultants” through the development of proprietary software solutions designed to assist clients every step of the way, in ways no other technology can.

Our signature software solution, SmartPM, is a cloud based technology that collects and utilizes information gleaned from the field, other software systems, and project correspondence to produce analyses in a matter of minutes what it can take our competition months, if not years, to produce. SmartPM is available for commercial use and designed to replace the need for costly claims consultants!

What is SmartPM Construction Technology


CPM Scheduling in Construction Needs an Overhaul

Please follow and like us:2 I have spent a long time working in a consultative capacity in the construction industry and the most common service that I am hired to offer is “delay analysis”...